Aspen man faces harassment charges after sending 17 emails to police |

Aspen man faces harassment charges after sending 17 emails to police

An Aspen man with a history of questionable decisions has been charged with three counts of harassment after sending “rambling,” “nonsensical” and harassing emails to Snowmass Village’s police chief and officers, according to a police report.

The 17 emails were sent by Jeremiah Casper, 40, on April 24 and 25 to Chief Brian Olson, two of his officers and also copied to Casper’s public defender, Molly Owens, according to the report from a Pitkin County sheriff’s deputy.

Some of the emails only contained a subject line — for example “pigs,” “human trash” and “mother—-ers” — while others featured only a sentence or two, the report states. The emails to Olson stated, “I got my eye on you punk” and “I like to fight your son,” according to the report.

In addition, Casper sent two emails to Olson and Owens featuring YouTube videos of the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor and the five most aggressive knockouts by former boxer Mike Tyson, the report states.

“At one point Owens had written to Casper, ‘Stop emailing the police right now,’” according to the report. “Casper responded to that email with, ‘I mostly get what I want.’

“Eleven more emails were sent after Owens had told Casper to stop.”

On Monday, Owens officially withdrew as Casper’s lawyer after Casper said he preferred another publicly appointed lawyer to represent him.

Owens declined Monday to comment on the case.

Casper was arrested in June for allegedly trying to steal alcohol and meat from a Snowmass Village hotel. Then in August, Casper showed up at the District Attorney’s Office in Aspen and asked “to see what the DA on my case looks like.” The felony prosecutor at the time told Casper to leave the office, then smelled alcohol on Casper’s breath and later charged him with a felony violation of bail bond conditions forbidding alcohol consumption.

Casper also admitted to stealing a defibrillator in April 2015 from Base Village in Snowmass but claimed it was because he was having a medical emergency.