Aspen man arrested for allegedly stalking ex-girlfriend, charges later dropped

Jason Auslander
The Aspen Times

UPDATE: Aspen police initially charged Sean Skinner with felony stalking, though he never officially faced the charge. The District Attorney’s Office almost immediately sent the case to Pitkin County Court and charged him with two counts of misdemeanor harassment. Three months later — in October — Skinner pleaded guilty to a petty offense of violating a city noise ordinance and the two harassment counts were dropped. Skinner was sentenced to unsupervised probation, which ends in April, according to court records. 

Original story, published June 22, 2016:

A 25-year-old local waiter is facing a felony stalking charge for allegedly following and harassing his ex-girlfriend for approximately six weeks, according to court documents.

Sean Skinner, who moved to Aspen from Ohio in October with the woman, allegedly began following the woman, waiting outside her apartment for her to come home, assaulting her at bars and sending abusive text messages since the couple broke up May 6, according to a police report filed in District Court in Aspen.

The 25-year-old woman called Aspen police June 15 and said Skinner’s actions were causing her sleepless nights and panic attacks when she hears doors closing and people walking around her apartment complex, the report states. In addition, she said that when she does sleep, she has nightmares that someone is chasing her and trying to hurt her, according to the report.

“She always has to look over (her) shoulder and watch for Skinner because he shows up at random, unexpected moments and causes problems,” the police report states.

After the breakup, Skinner would show up at a bar soon after the woman and her friends arrived and “glare at her and make her feel uncomfortable,” the report states.

“She felt he was following her,” according to the report.

On June 1, Skinner was waiting at the door of her apartment building and confronted her. On June 13, Skinner sent her text messages calling her “the lowest piece of scum on Earth.” On June 14, she had a male friend over to her apartment and Skinner sent her text messages that made her think he was outside her door, according to the report.

On June 6, he showed up at another bar and grabbed the woman’s arm, the report states. A bouncer working that night told police he intervened, walked her past Skinner and told Skinner to leave, according to the report.

On June 13, Skinner “dragged” the woman out of another bar, which was witnessed by two of the woman’s friends, the report states. One friend said she later saw Skinner following them on the streets of downtown Aspen.