Aspen man allegedly drives X Games guard into snowbank |

Aspen man allegedly drives X Games guard into snowbank

ASPEN – An Aspen man was issued a criminal summons for third-degree assault and reckless driving Wednesday after he allegedly drove a security guard at the Winter X Games venue on the front hood of his car, bloodying the man’s nose.

Martin Horowitz, 66, is scheduled to appear in court in March to face two misdemeanor charges, said Pitkin County Sheriff’s Deputy Alex Burchetta, who made the arrest.

Burchetta said Horowitz was trying to gain access to Buttermilk – its parking lot is closed to motorists for this week’s X Games – but was denied entrance by a security guard employed by the event’s sponsor, ESPN.

“The security guard was standing next to the vehicle when the driver accelerated and the security guard had to jump on the car to avoid being run over,” Burchetta said. “They ended up traveling 120 feet before (the car) stopped into a snowbank.”

The security guard’s nose was bloodied from his face hitting the windshield, Burchetta said. He was treated by paramedics and did not suffer serious injuries, Burchetta said.

Horowitz, contacted Wednesday night after the incident, declined comment. He only said he was trying to gain access to Buttermilk so he could drop off some items.

Sheriff Joe DiSalvo said the incident underscores the need for people to try to find public transportation, such as a Roaring Fork Transportation Authority bus, to Buttermilk this week.

“In the context of avoiding traffic at the X Games, everyone should try to take public transportation,” DiSalvo said.

Said Burchetta: “This is just an opportunity to highlight the safety aspects of the venue. There are a lot of people out there and security are there to do a job: make sure everybody is safe.”

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