Aspen man, 35, faces charges in the beating of his girlfriend, 72 |

Aspen man, 35, faces charges in the beating of his girlfriend, 72

Aspen Times Staff

Police arrested an Aspen man Aug. 5 on suspicion of beating up his girlfriend, who is more than twice his age.Anthony Gibbons, 35, is charged with assault and possession of a dangerous weapon, both felonies.The 72-year-old victim told police that “Gibbons banged her face into the floor,” bloodying her nose, and hit her with his open hand six times on both sides of her head, a police report says. She allegedly ended up with a black eye.The suspect and victim were in a relationship for two years before the assault, court papers say. On Friday, the victim’s daughter brought to the police department a .22-caliber rifle that she said her mother bought for Gibbons early in their courtship. Officers measured the barrel, finding it to be allegedly 11.5 inches. State law prohibits guns that have barrels less than 16 inches.Gibbons, who was released on $1,000 bond, was advised of the charges Monday in district court. His next court date is Monday, Aug. 21. He has a restraining order against him prohibiting him from having contact with the alleged victim or her daughter.In other police news, a Nebraska man allegedly drove 10 straight hours to Aspen to look for a woman he dated for two months 16 years ago.Kevin Ward, 41, of Lincoln, was arrested Monday and charged with felony stalking and harassment, a misdemeanor.”Mr. Ward apparently was walking up to complete strangers on the streets of Aspen [and] asking them if they knew the victim,” a police report says.The victim and her family repeatedly told the suspect not to contact her, the report says.Ward apparently told one person he was having emotional issues and was going to the St. Mary Catholic Church to talk with a priest. Police arrested him there.A mental health counselor from the Aspen Counseling Center visited Ward in jail. He was released on $1,000 bond.


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