Aspen kiosks a good idea |

Aspen kiosks a good idea

“Let’s give it a try.” Nice words to hear from the Aspen City Council.

That was the general feeling Monday night when the council agreed to allow the Aspen Skiing Co. to set up three informational kiosks at various sites around the downtown core for the next year. Three sides will be used to promote Skico events and its mountains, and one side the city can use as it sees fit.

This is exactly the type of idea, and the proper “let’s give it a try” attitude, that can help make Aspen a fun place again.

Obviously this isn’t some wonderful cure-all that will bring back messy vitality and have people cheering in the streets. It’s just a simple idea that puts a little color on our street corners and provides a service to our visitors. The point is, start putting together a bunch of little ideas like this and try them out, and suddenly you have a town that does feel altogether different.

The city was already set to debate such an idea, as it was one of numerous suggestions in report written recently by a consultant. This allows the city to give it a try without spending a dime. Our hats off to the Skico for the generous offer.

The Aspen Times expects this “experiment” will be a success, and the city will eventually want to set up a few kiosks of its own. The city ” and the Skico, for that matter ” must be careful, however, not to make these kiosks too sterile.

Fancy plastic signs that are changed on a regular basis are fine, as far as that goes. But the city should also entertain the idea of “bulletin board” kiosks where anyone can post a notice, be it a local nonprofit, a local rock band or someone trying to sell their broken-down Volkswagen.

Some may shudder at the idea, simply because it’s so anti-Aspen stereotype. But that’s exactly the point. In most cities, telephone poles and local bulletin boards are packed with information. They’re fun, they’re useful and they tell people a lot about the town.

Let’s start with this experiment and, if it succeeds, be willing to entertain the idea of going a step further.

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