Aspen is collapsing |

Aspen is collapsing

I feel very strongly about some things that are going on in our small town of Aspen. Now these events are not, in my opinion, positive. I have seen my mother look at the place we live in and shake her head.

Yes, I know that I am very lucky to live where I live, but I can’t help but wonder and think about what the little town we live in now would look like if we had kept it the way it was when my mother was a child.

I know that not many people will listen to me, but our town is starting to collapse. Many tourists have stopped coming to Aspen anymore because, for one, the chemicals all over the road, and two, for all of the construction going on.

I mean, really, first we have the roundabout, then we have all the new houses. When will this ever stop?

I know that not too long ago the road was covered with yellow cones; you couldn’t even see the pavement. Even when the road was finished the yellow cones were still there.

Constantly we are building more houses that are never finished, then starting new projects and forgetting about the other building projects that are halfway finished. Why doesn’t the city stick to the project they are working on, and when they are finished with that project start on a new one? Wouldn’t it be better to not rush things so much?

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I know that it is not winter anymore, but I feel even worse about the chemicals on the roads because, for one reason, they are always getting my mom’s car dirty. My mom would say, whenever I would drive in the car with her this winter, “Look at these roads; my car is getting so dirty from all of these chemicals everywhere. When I was younger they didn’t use chemicals, just gravel. Everything just looked so much nicer.”

Why does the city allow this to happen? Why does Pitkin County keep building the houses and hiring CDOT to spray those chemicals all over the road? The only reason that they put chemicals on the road is because they want to let people go faster.

Let me ask you, would it be so bad if people would learn to go a little slower? Yes, I know that it would be very dangerous because people would go off the road, and slide and such, but don’t you think that they can learn? Just learn to go a little slower. It isn’t that hard.

Once or twice this year there were no chemicals on the road, just white everywhere. It was a lot more beautiful than seeing dirt on the side of the road, and having your car consistently getting dirty.

Think about the people that walk to work, or walk around town, having to always smell that terrible smell of all the chemicals on the road. I know what some tourists say: “We won’t come here anymore because you don’t appreciate all the snow you get. You know what, we’re going to go to a town that does appreciate their snow. ” Why do we have chemicals on the roads? I wouldn’t know.

Another thing that I feel is very unnecessary is the prices in this town. Everything is so expensive! For instance, why does gas cost so much? What my family talks about all the time is the gas prices.

This year my grandmother came to town, and what my parents would talk to her about when they came into town was about the gas prices. My parents always compare the gas prices here to the gas prices in other towns, you wouldn’t believe the difference in numbers.

It seems that this town is only for the wealthier people now. I see now many of the families of Aspen and Snowmass start to move away.

Let me ask you, what do you think this town will be like in 10 years or so? Do you still think it will be the small town of Aspen, or will it be more like California?

Things have changed much since my grandparents were alive, with all the chemicals on the roads, all the construction and the high prices. Let’s all try to prevent the families of Aspen and Snowmass from moving away, try to prevent the dirty roads, try to prevent the yellow cones and constant construction that is never finished.

I know that I’m only 11 years old, but if I feel so strongly about these events, then what do most of the parents and adults think?

Shannon Dick

Aspen Middle School

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