Aspen is better off with Frisch, Writer |

Aspen is better off with Frisch, Writer

Dear Editor:

Aspen is at a crucial point in time.

Imagine if the Aspen Skiing Co. shut down their lifts for a year or two. How long would it take for virtually all the businesses in town to disappear and for real estate prices (residential and commercial) to drop like a rock? There wouldn’t be much need for employee housing or for that matter trying to fix the traffic problem!

The point I am making is that Aspen is a tourist/visitor town. Visitors stay in hotels, condos, fractionals, and homes. We all either directly or indirectly make our living serving them or in turn serving the people that do. Everything else is a spin-off. Aspen has not been left unscathed by the economic downturn and from what I can see towns, cities, states and even our own fumbling federal government are trying (in the government’s case, mostly talking!) to come up with ideas on how to stimulate their individual economies, create jobs and eventually turn their economies around. No easy feat!

I am a firm believer that with adversity there is opportunity.

I feel strongly that the challenge of improving, reinventing, developing or whatever terminology you choose for our economy, needs to be spearheaded in several areas. The one that is on the table right now is Aspen City Council.

In order to successfully direct our local government and in turn help to decipher some of the best tactics to stimulate an economy you need knowledgeable, capable, experienced and above all inventive leadership. From where I sit there are two people, Adam Frisch and Scott Writer, running for two council seats that have this experience, background, knowledge and above all passion and desire to make a difference. I wouldn’t want to try and learn how to speak French from a teacher who couldn’t speak French, would you? These guys get “community” and know that it is one of our greatest amenities, but they don’t believe that we hurt the community if we create good jobs and a strong sustainable economy.

The opportunities right now are plentiful but it will require insightful, strategic and time-consuming energy to make a difference. I don’t think the answer is just this council vote, but it is what is in front of us right now. I think Rob Ittner was a great choice for county commissioner and his knowledge, experience and energy has already started to show signs of positive change at the county level.

The right leadership at the right time is what it boils down to. The right leadership at the City Council level for right now is Adam and Scott. I know these guys and they are sharp and ready to meet the challenge. If you don’t believe me, go talk to them!

In closing, the time is also now for community involvement at every level. No more whining and no more waiting for someone else to “fix it.” Let’s all get involved. Let’s all be positive. Let’s all be proactive. Let’s all be a part of getting Aspen back on top of its game because I happen to love this place!

Ernie Fyrwald



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