Aspen Instagram fave LegoSkierBro tells all

Rose Anna Laudicina for the Aspen Times Weekly

From browsing his Instagram, @LegoSkierBro, it’s easy to see he lives a big life despite his small size — he stands at just over 1.5 inches tall.

He skins up Aspen Mountain to watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks like a true local, dresses up as a hot dog to take part in closing day festivities and charges through chest-deep powder, finding fresh lines on every mountain he visits. This winter he’s posted from the Powder Awards and tallied likes for straight-lining Ozone in Highland Bowl, chopping down his own Christmas tree and shredding with #LegoSanta at the North Pole.

And, like any good skier bro, he has a crew (of Legos). There’s #legoskierbabe, #legobrad, #legosnowboardbro, a robot #legoskierbot and a trusty #legodog (he describes them as his “Ride or Die!”). The crew goes on adventures and LegoSkierBro posts about them on Instagram for the enjoyment of his nearly 28,000 followers (one of whom recently got a LegoSkierBro tattoo).

“I don’t think time or age has anything to do with what I am trying to put out there,” LegoSkierBro said. “Everybody loves Legos and everybody loves skiing. I can’t think of any other things that are more ageless or timeless.”

We caught up with LegoSkierBro to get to know the local Lego legend better, find out how he gets the shot, his plans to “send bigger” and what his perfect day on the mountain consists of.

Aspen Times Weekly: How long have you been skiing?

LegoSkierBro: I’ve been skiing since the day I was first thought up, but I remember hating it at the beginning. It felt uncomfortable but I’m glad I stuck with it. Now, it seems like the only thing in my life that makes sense, and the only place where I am truly comfortable.

ATW: What inspired you to start an Instagram account?

LSB: Three years ago I decided to sign up for Instagram and make every day about getting the shot. It has changed my life. Sometimes I feel like I only exist on Instagram, where if you don’t get the shot — it didn’t happen.

ATW: How do you “get the shot?”

LSB: It is usually cold, and the photographer is crying because their fingers are numb, but they don’t want to take the shot yet because we are waiting for the right light, and I’m all like, “Just take the photo. We will make the lighting look badass with a sweet filter.” I always get the shot.

ATW: What do you love about the Aspen area?

LSB: Aspen-Snowmass in the winter is the best place on Earth. There is snow everywhere and most days are sunny with clouds in the distance. What else could you want?

ATW: What is your favorite line to shred in Aspen-Snowmass?

LSB: I can shred anything, anywhere, anytime, but most of the time I’m skiing double black diamonds on the Crown Jewel. My favorite place to be is right in front of skiers who think they are better than me. I’ve never cared about being better than anyone (or everyone for that matter) when it comes to my skiing, but I am constantly surrounded by exceptional skiers who end up making me look even better. I’m not going to give away my favorite stashes; you could torture me and I would never tell — I don’t want them to get tracked out!

ATW: You share a lot of good tips on #ProTipTuesday, but what’s the best tip you’ve got to share?

LSB: I’ve given a lot of advice over the years, but the main thing I would like to impart is that you should be yourself and do something original — because that’s what everyone really wants to see.

ATW: Any big plans for this winter season?

LSB: I usually like to take the season as it comes, because just a little snow is bottomless to me. But, this year I would like to send bigger and film more. My fans would love to see an edit on the big screen.

ATW: Describe your perfect day on the mountain.

LSB: The perfect day begins early in the morning, the sun hasn’t come up yet but my crew and I are waiting at the front of the gondola line. We head up the mountain, covered in a fresh layer of snow, and at the top we rest while taking in the view. We ski together all day and catch the last gondola because we can’t get enough.

ATW: From your Instagram captions, you seem to love hashtags What’s your favorite?

LSB: #skiingisbelieving because skiing is believing. What could be more self-explanatory? When you are trying to make a name for yourself: it is all about the hashtags. If I could, I would put hastags on hashtags.

ATW: What’s your favorite non-ski activity?

LSB: Compared to skiing, everything else is second best. I try to post other things but my followers like skiing and only skiing, so I try to stick to what they like.

ATW: What are your goals for the @legoskierbro account?

LSB: I just want to be recognized for my left turn in powder, just like all of my favorite skiers. I’d like to grow my clothing line on but, more importantly, I’d like to DJ a pool party in Las Vegas. Right now, I’m just here for the ride. I travel light and I can hop on any trip so hit me up if you are chasing winter storms. I plan to see the world.

ATW: What’s the coolest part of your job?

LSB: Everything you see on the internet is real and what you see on Instagram is my life. I don’t try to sugar coat anything; I even post my crashes. People say that, “social media is all smoke and mirrors,” but I am going for something that is tangible and above all — true to life.

ATW: Who makes a better ski/adventure companion? #legobrad, #legodog, #legoskierbot, #legosnowboardbro or #legoskierbabe?

LSB: My whole crew helps me survive and I need them to tell my story. #legoskierbabe has to be my number one, but #legodog and #legobrad are both a close second. #legoskierbot was fun to have around but he didn’t come around too much last year after his malfunction. #legosnowboardbro is perfect when you want to wait for him to buckle his back binding.

ATW: Describe your crew in three words.

LSB: Ride or Die!

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