Aspen History: ‘Best Party Ever’

Aspen Historical Society
One b/w film negative of the Hotel Jerome dining room, set for a banquet. A camera on a tripod is set up at the end of the room, and the tables are set. Four members of a band are seated on the left.

“Were you there? Where? Why the big Trout Dinner at the Jerome Hotel! If you were not you certainly missed the best ‘eats,’ the most whole-souled gathering, the greatest good fellowship assembly, and the very best party ever given at this popular hostelry,” proclaimed the Aspen Times on July 22, 1925. “Long before the dining hour the lobby of the hotel was filled by visitors and home folks exchanging greetings and the big, broad, friendly spirit of the West reigned supreme. The fumes of trout frying in the pans permeated the atmosphere and served as notice of the good things in store when the dining room doors would be opened. The most welcome words heard in Aspen in many moons were those of Toastmaster Benj. R. Kobey when he said- “Form in line, good people, the doors are about to be opened and- we’re going to eat trout.” In a jiffy every place at the four long tables was occupied and many were left in the lobby. Mein Host Elisha soon arranged extra tables and all were provided with seats at the festive board. It was eat, eat, more eats for the next hour and a half, everyone enjoying the great Home Coming Feast as is always in order in Aspen.” The image above shows the Hotel Jerome dining room set for a banquet in the 1920s.

Aspen Times Weekly

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