Aspen High School experiential education community outreach |

Aspen High School experiential education community outreach

Aspen High School students and teachers in downtown Aspen Friday talked about the school's experiential education program to passersby.
Erica Robbie/The Aspen Times |

Nearly 20 Aspen High School students hit the streets Friday to inform the community on their experiential-education — better known as “ex-ed” — program.

Aspen High School language teachers and ex-ed leaders Eric Lamb and Alex Reginelli led the group around town from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The crew started in the pedestrian mall and dispersed into smaller groups, approaching random passersby and store cashiers with the question, “Do you know about Aspen’s ex-ed program?”

And for the those who didn’t know about Aspen High School’s ex-ed program, here’s what the students would tell them:

The courses range from local to out of state as well as backcountry and urban programs.

Examples of recent and future trips include a cycling course around the San Francisco Bay Area, a service course in the Bronx, New York, a 40-mile backpacking loop around the Flattops Wilderness, a local study of the Roaring Fork Valley’s waterways, a local 3-D printing course and a five-day river course through Cataract Canyon.

“Aspen High School teachers design and lead (experiential education) courses that incorporate a physical, social, academic and altruistic component,” Lamb said.

The high school’s ex-ed trips began as early as Friday, and will last as late Sept. 27.

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