Aspen has gone downhill |

Aspen has gone downhill

Dear Editor:

Your articles are boring. Do you really find the self-absorbed people who are taking up space in this town now all that interesting?

Where are the stories of the people in their not-so-distant history of the town when it was really interesting (like, duh, in the ’70s) when people like John Denver, Jim Ibbotson, Jackson Brown, Michael Murphy, etc., made the town actually fun and interesting.

Miss those old days, when it was fun, diverse, interesting, and not just a dumb place for rich old dweebs that are now struggling to sell their over-priced real estate to anyone dumb enough to still buy into the “Aspen is the place to be” concept.

Aspen used to be a great place, before it decided to be a place for only the “ultra rich.” I’m thinking that it could still be a fun vibrant place if it realized that the real beauty of the place doesn’t necessarily need a bunch of people that get what they conceive as beauty as a shot of Botox from a syringe.

Dee Brown

Acworth, Ga.

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