Aspen government gives $1.5M in nonprofit funding for 2020

Staff report

2020 aspen grants for nonprofits

ARTS NONPROFITS Grant funding In-kind funding

5Point Film* $1,000 $3,500

Aspen Art Museum $37,000

Aspen Chapel Gallery $2,500

Aspen Choral Society $5,000 $3,000

Aspen Community Theatre $10,000

Aspen Dance Connection $2,500

Aspen Film $35,000 $4,500

Aspen Music Festival and School $85,000

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet $66,000 $3,000

Aspen Words $27,000 $2,500

Jazz Aspen Snowmass $32,000

Pegasus Repertory Theatre (Aspen Fringe Festival) $3,500 $1,000

Roaring Fork Music Society 3,000

The Art Base $4,000

TACAW–The Arts Campus at Willits $2,000

Theater Masters $4,500

Theatre Aspen $50,000

Total $370,000 $17,500


Access AfterSchool $7,500

Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment $2,000

Aspen Cancer Conference $2,000

Aspen Education Foundation $2,000

Aspen Grove Cemetery Association $1,000

Aspen Hall of Fame $3,000

Aspen Historical Society $30,000

Aspen Institute–Community Programs $15,000

Aspen Junior Hockey-Ice Time 40,000

Aspen Public Radio (KAJX) $100,000

Aspen Rugby Foundation $1,000

Aspen Science Center $7,500

Aspen Skating Club $22,500 (ice time)

Aspen Swim Club $15,000 (pool time)

Aspen Ute Foundation $3,000

Aspen Valley Ski/Snowboard Club $65,000

Aspen Youth Center $20,510

Basalt Education Foundation $3,500

Carbondale Community Access Radio (KDNK) $3,000

Challenge Aspen $10,500

College Outreach $3,000

Colorado Fourteeners Initiative $5,000

Crested Butte Nordic Council $3,500

English in Action $5,000

Farm Collaborative $4,000

Forest Conservancy $4,500

GrassRoots Television $90,000

Huts for Vets $5,000

Independence Pass Foundation $20,000

Project Graduation $1,500

Raising A Reader $3,000

Revolutions Skating Club $15,000 (ice time)

Roaring Fork Gay & Lesbian (AspenOUT) $5,000 $9,500 (ARC rental for Gay Ski Week)

Roaring Fork Leadership $7,500

Roaring Fork Valley Spellbinders $3,000

Science in Schools $2,450

Shining Stars Foundation $7,000

Silver City Gymnastics $1,000 (rent waived for home meet)

Sister Cities $10,000

Summit 54 $5,000

Western Slope Veterans Coalition $4,000

Wilderness Workshop

YouthEntity $5,000

Total $477,460 $103,000


Aspen Center for Environmental Studies $16,500

Roaring Fork Conservancy $10,000

Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers $6,500

Total $33,000


A Way Out $1,500

Alpine Legal Services $5,000

Aspen Family Connections $17,000

Aspen Homeless Shelter $12,750

Aspen Strong $1,700

Bridging Bionics $2,500

Buddy Program $17,000

Casa of the Ninth $1,200

Catholic Charities $4,300

Community Health Services $51,850

Family Resource Center $4,200

Family Visitor Program $10,200

Hospice of the Valley $17,000

Lift-up $3,400

Mtn Valley Development Services $4,200

Pathfinders $3,400

Pitkin County Mental Health & Substance Use $74,078

Pitkin County Detox Services $171,413

Pitkin County Senior Services $43,400

Planned Parenthood $2,500

Response $17,000

River Bridge Regional Center $1,700

Rocky Mountain Human Services $1,000

Valley Life for All $500

West Springs Hospital $10,000

Windwalkers Equine Therapy Center $500

Youthzone $7,000 $5,000 (one-time capital grant support)

Total $486,291 $5,000

Source: City of Aspen

The city of Aspen this year is doling out almost $1.5 million in grants and in-kind support to nonprofit organizations throughout the Roaring Fork Valley.

The money comes from the city’s general fund, the Wheeler Opera House fund and the parks and open space fund.

This year’s breakdown of grant funds include $370,000 in cash funds and $17,500 in in-kind donations for arts nonprofits; general nonprofits will receive $477,460 in cash funds and $103,000 in in-kind donations; environmental projects get $33,000; and health and human services will receive $486,291 and a one-time capital grant of $5,000.

Each year, a volunteer citizen board appointed by City Council evaluates requests based on a demonstrated financial need, fiscal viability, and adherence to the goals and values of the city and community benefit.

The health and human services grants are reviewed by Pitkin County elected officials and members of Aspen City Council.

“Not only are these grants representative of significant dollars but they also show that as a community we believe in building social capital throughout the valley,” said Gena Buhler, executive director of the Wheeler Opera House, in a press release. “Fostering the organizations that give back to the residents and visitors here is part of what makes Aspen such a diverse, vibrant, and supportive place to live and visit. We are grateful that our taxpayers support this type of community-building.”

The 2021 application process will begin in May. To find out more about the 2021 application process, contact Julie Gillespie, Wheeler senior administrative assistant, at or visit