Aspen doctors help in $6M project to fight malaria in Zambia |

Aspen doctors help in $6M project to fight malaria in Zambia

Staff report
Aspen Rotary members previously meet with the executive director of the Zambia Malaria Partners. From left are Don Wrigley, Aspen Rotary member; Martha Lungu, Zambia Malaria Partners director; Dr. Dan Perlman, Aspen Rotary; and Dr. Bob Porter, Aspen Rotary.

Two Aspen doctors are part of a greater $6 million project announced Tuesday to fight malaria in in Zambia and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Rotary International and World Vision.

Doctors Dan Perlman and Bob Porter have been helping the Aspen Rotary Club become more engage in malaria elimination as members on the board of Malaria Partners International, according to a news release from the nonprofit organization.

Porter and Perlman participated in a 2019 trip to Zambia to meet with local Rotarians and global health partners to identify opportunities to work on a larger scale to provide greater impact in the malaria fight.

“I’m so pleased to be a member of the Rotary Club of Aspen because not only do we support our local community, but we are also changing lives around the world,” Perlman said in the news release. “Through Rotary, people from right here in the Roaring Fork Valley are partnering with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and World Vision to eradicate malaria halfway around the world.”

The goal of Partners for a Malaria-free Zambia is to strengthen the national health system by working with local health officials and health facility staff. Malaria is responsible for 50% of all infant deaths and 20% of all maternal deaths in Zambia, according to the organization.