Aspen deserves better |

Aspen deserves better

Dear Editor:Council candidate J.E. DeVilbiss (or DeVilish?) is quoted in the papers recently as saying the initiative petitions that seek to grant the community an opportunity to demand better governance and transparency on affordable housing projects are “small-minded, mean spirited and vindictive.”Mr. DeVilbiss and his antics don’t cease to shock and amaze me. One thousand Aspen citizens signed those petitions – that is more than half of the number of voters in a typical Aspen election. Those 1,000 voices are only seeking to be heard. It is Mr. DeVilbiss who is being small-minded, mean-spirited and vindictive by doing everything possible to silence those 1,000 voters. By calling the petitioners to a day-long hearing for questioning and intimidation by his high-powered legal team, Mr. DeVilbiss is being about as mean-spirited and vindictive as a person can be.Were those expensive lawyers he had representing him doing pro bono work? If not, who was paying their fees? I’m asking Mr. DeVilbiss this question now, because Mr. DeVilbiss was nowhere to be seen when the hearing was taking place.How does Mr. DeVilbiss reconcile on the one hand doing everything possible to intimidate the citizens of Aspen into silence and on the other hand wanting to represent those same citizens on the City Council?Aspen deserves better. Do not vote for DeVilbiss. Lenir DrakeAspen

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