Aspen Daily News has a new Cook |

Aspen Daily News has a new Cook

Chad Abraham

Man, Glenwood Springs has everything for Aspenites: underwear, furniture stores, publishers.The Aspen Daily News recently went shopping down there and returned with a new chief. David Cook, formerly the retail advertising manager at the Glenwood Springs Post Independent, accepted the Daily News’ top job Wednesday, current Publisher Brad Stevenson said. Stevenson is leaving on sabbatical.Cook, who had worked at the Post Independent for about five years, was told to leave yesterday after he gave his notice, said the paper’s managing editor, Tom Martinez. He said the immediate departure was necessary only because Cook is going to the competitor of the Post Independent and The Aspen Times, which are owned by the same company.”It wasn’t like people here got [angry],” Martinez said. “He’s a good guy; everybody loved him here, all his clients loved him. He’ll be a tough guy to lose.”Cook said he thought the matter was handled professionally, “and I took no offense to it whatsoever.” He said the opportunity to publish a newspaper in Aspen was too good to pass up.”Aspen has appeal all on its own as a community, just being a desirable mountain town in an old-school Colorado spirit,” he said. “The more I learned about the Daily News, the more I feel it has a tremendous opportunity to deliver the news in an unbiased and unfiltered way.”Stevenson said Cook will fit in nicely at the Hopkins Avenue paper.”He seemed like a great, balanced candidate. Very knowledgeable, confident,” he said. “He seems like a good fit in terms of personality for the organization.”Cook will take over the duties of publisher and general manager – “everything from staffing to the numbers side and the business side. And everything in between.”Daily News Editor Rick Carroll joked that there was a Machiavellian component to the hiring.”Hopefully he can bring to the Aspen Daily News some trade secrets from Swift which will make us just as good as The Aspen Times,” said Carroll, with more than a bit of sarcasm.He said past publishers have not had much sway on the paper’s news side.”Publishers have usually been hands-off,” Carroll said. “They don’t influence [our] editorial product, but they let us know when they’re not happy with it.”Chad Abraham’s e-mail address is


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