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The Aspen Cycling Club (ACC) started last year’s season with some big changes. In response to member feedback, the board of directors launched a plan that includes favorite elements of seasons past, while spicing things up with some fresh ideas.

In order to accommodate riders that race or ride hard on weekends, the majority of races have been moved from Tuesday to Wednesdays nights — start times remain at 6 p.m.

However, the first four races of the season will be held on Saturdays, with start times at 9 a.m. Holding early-season races on Saturdays will provide more daylight hours and possibly better weather. In addition, the morning races will allow time for post-race training rides, so more experienced racers can help newer riders with training, racing, and technique. The 2000 race schedule consisted of 19 races: 10 road, and nine mountain.

Points are awarded to anyone who finishes a race, placing a stronger emphasis on participation. The points system makes it possible for someone to win the overall series by participating consistently, rather than winning every race. All racers will be listed in the results, but only paid members of the ACC will receive points. Race fees may be paid in advance — $75 for the entire series (19 races), $40 for road only (10 races) or $35 for mountain only (nine races). Racers also have the option of paying $5 at each race. To participate in more than four races (two road, two mountain) racers must join the ACC. A year-long club membership is $15 for ages 18 and younger, $35 for 19 and older. Families may join for $35 for the first member and $20 for each additional member.

Racers need not be an aspiring Lance Armstrong — ACC encourages riders of all ages and abilities to come out and have a good time. Expert, novice and age classes are offered. Many riders show up just for the camaraderie. Others race against themselves, for the opportunity to race on a closed course, or just to have fun with their friends. The ACC also sponsors parties and other events during the season.

For more information call the ACC Hotline at (970) 925-7334.