Aspen Cycling Club results: Snowmass short track from Sept. 6, 2023

Staff report
Aspen Cycling Club's Frying Pan Time Trial on Wednesday, July 1, 2020, near Ruedi Reservoir.
Austin Colbert/The Aspen Times

From Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2023

Men’s A (Wave 3, 6 Laps)
1—0:33:13—KOSTER, Ryan
2—0:33:52—HEATH, Liam—RFC Pinnacle Junior MTB Team
3—0:34:15—PETERSON, Butch—Jenny
4—0:36:36—WILLIAMS, Brian—Meatballs
5—0:27:51—(-1 Lap)—RISPOLI, Maxwell—Meatballs
6—0:27:57—(-1 Lap)—SMITH, Larry—Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork
7—0:23:46—(-2 Laps)—NEWTON, Tyler—Sante Cycling
8—0:18:45—(-3 Laps)—PURKENAS, Algirdas—Meatballs

Women’s A (Wave 2, 6 Laps)
1—0:33:17—WELCH, Betsy
2—0:35:50—BERINO, Jenya
3—0:26:07—(-1 Lap)—PERCY, Megan

Men’s B (Wave 2, 6 Laps)
1—0:30:07—RISPOLI, Maxwell—Meatballs
2—0:30:15—WILLIAMS, Brian—Meatballs
3—0:30:33—CHISM, Cole—RFC Pinnacle Junior MTB Team
4—0:31:28—NEWTON, Tyler—Sante Cycling
5—0:31:56—ADAMS, Casey—Basalt Bike & Ski
6—0:32:15—FUNK, Adam—Meatballs
7—0:35:08—PURKENAS, Algirdas—Meatballs

Men’s C (Wave 1, 4 Laps)
1—0:26:44—CHANG, Sean

Women 50+ (Wave 1, 4 Laps)
1—0:27:20—SHAW, Sara—Limelight Hotels

Men 50+ (Wave 1, 4 Laps)
1—0:24:26—COLE, Jeffrey—Hub of Aspen

Men 60+ (Wave 1, 4 Laps)
1—0:24:27—SIRIANNI, Phil—Basalt Bike & Ski
2—0:26:57—SLIVA, Glenn—Basalt Bike & Ski

Men 70+ (Wave 1, 4 Laps)
1—0:32:07—JONES, Larry

High School Girls (Wave 1, 4 Laps)
1—0:17:56—(-1 Lap)—ANSON, Grace—RFC Pinnacle Junior MTB Team/Glenwood Springs HS

High School Boys (Wave 1, 4 Laps)
1—0:24:13—LOEFFLER, Dru—RFC Pinnacle Junior MTB Team

Race Marshals: Tinna Loeffler, Jill Anson, Betsy Welch

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