Aspen Community School hosts its 11th annual Veterans Day celebration

Aspen Community School hosted its 11th Veterans Day celebration.
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Aspen Community School hosted five veterans who shared stories of their military service with students, teachers, and family members at an event to celebrate Veterans Day.

It was the 11th Veterans Day celebration at Aspen Community School. Ahead of Veterans Day on Saturday, students were able to ask veterans Brian Porter, Dwayne Romero, Jim Korpela, Rachel Maxfield, and Howie Mallory about their military service.

“Students presented what they cherish about our country, the freedoms they value, how the power of curiosity crushes biases, and what we can do to perpetuate peace through understanding,” said Aspen Community School Principal Casey White in a statement.

The celebration is a tradition that gives students the opportunity to listen to one another, she said.

“Students listened, questioned, and recognized the commonalities between themselves and the brave individuals in front of them,” she said in the statement.