Aspen Community Church grateful for Historical Society |

Aspen Community Church grateful for Historical Society

Dear Editor:

Last fall we hired structural engineers and restoration architects to study our 120-year-old church in the heart of Aspen, the Aspen Community Church. We wanted to know what the building needed so that our historic church could serve this community well into its second century. To our surprise in late November they told us that the infrastructure, the trusses located between the ceiling of the sanctuary and the roof, were carrying 12 times the load they were designed the carry. What that meant was that the building could collapse. Here we were at the beginning of the holiday season, and we needed to vacate the premises!

Our hearts were warmed when Georgia Hanson, president/CEO of the Aspen Historical Society, offered to host the Aspen Community Church for the holiday season at their location just down the street. Our small congregation and any number of visitors met for the next six weeks at the Historical Society. Thank you. What a gracious offer! Thank you very much for coming to the aid of the Community Church at a critical time. We have now moved back into our building. The tie rods in the ceiling are testimony to the work done, and the work left to do, to insure the continued presence of this historic church for its members and the community.

We are now pleased to host the Aspen Historical Society for “The Characters of Aspen” on Tuesday, March 9 and Tuesday, March 15, in the afternoons at 5:30. What a great opportunity it is for us to welcome these great and wonderful characters to our church at 200 E. Bleeker St. and to share in celebrating the history of Aspen.

Come and enjoy!

Jane Keener-Quiat

Pastor, Aspen Community Church