Aspen Club to close in April for 8-10 months

Aspen Club & Spa CEO Michael Fox emailed members Thursday announcing the Club’s closure in April for 8-10 months.

“As we have been finalizing all of the construction details, we have had to make some tough decisions about construction sequencing and how we provide a level of service and experience that you deserve through this process. This has been a moving target that we have finally nailed down. The original construction timeline allowed temporary closures in different areas of the Club while leaving it partially operational. Unfortunately, after going over all possibilities with construction phasing, challenges with the structural integrity of the existing building during construction and the prospect of delivering a poor experience for our members, guests & employees, we had to make a hard decision.”

The full closure of the Club is scheduled to begin April 1.

The Club negotiated with the following partners: O2, Shakti Shala, Bleeker St, Aspen Rec Center, Red Brick, Snowmass Club, Snowmass Rec Center and a few others still being finalized, who will grant access to their facilities and programs/classes with Aspen Club membership. Members will continue to pay discounted dues of $90 per month to the Aspen Club to utilize any and all of these partner facilities.

Members should contact the Club with questions.