Aspen Club pumps up with remodel

Erica Robbie
The Aspen Times
Tim Power Smith, director of The Aspen Club, says its major remodel will make it a world-class facility.
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Construction is underway for a major renovation at The Aspen Club, which will expand from 75,000 square feet to 130,000.

Tim Power Smith, director of the club, calls the expansion “The Aspen Club 3.0 — the third generation of the club.” It comes after Aspen Club officials worked with the city for a decade to win approval.

Power Smith said the renovation will “completely redo every square foot of this building.” That includes construction of its new residential developments and new equipment inside its fitness area.

The Aspen Club plans to build 20 residential units on-site: 10 three-bedroom units and 10 four-bedroom units “split between townhomes on the perimeter of the property, by the Roaring Fork River, east of the Aspen Trail,” Power Smith said. An additional four three-bedroom units will be built on the east side of the property facing Independence Pass, and six club units inside The Aspen Club, he said.

Inside, one of the first major changes guests will notice is at the front entrance, which Power Smith said the club is “entirely restructuring to be more efficient.” The club also is fully renovating its spa and adding studio spaces for two new classes.

Another major addition is a “25-yard, family-friendly outdoor lap pool … complete with cabanas, lounge chairs and full food and beverage services,” Power Smith said. The outdoor pool will be located in the same area as the old indoor pool, which has been closed for about two years, Power Smith said.

The construction is taking place over two phases, Power Smith said, the first of which he expects to be finished in about 18 months. Power Smith anticipated the second phase to be done in spring 2017.

Founded in 1976, The Aspen Club first served as a tennis and racquetball club, housing pros such as Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova in its early years. CEO Michael Fox purchased the facility in 1996 and “renovated it into what it is today, … a great local spa, gym and studio,” Power Smith said.

Following this 20-year path, the club looks to a new era in its third generation, with the goal of being a “health and performance mecca,” Power Smith said.

“Right now, it’s more like in Colorado, … but it will be an international destination, with five-star residences on site, top-of-the-line expertise and all of the services provided with a world-class facility,” he said.