Aspen Club proposal out of compliance |

Aspen Club proposal out of compliance

Dear Editor:

I am a resident of 36 Ute Place, Aspen. I am opposed to the proposed development of the Aspen Club. My objection is based on the following points:

1. The application does not meet the requirements of the land use code, nor does it meet the requirements of the timeshare ordinance. The timeshare ordinance intends to protect the character and quality of neighborhoods impacted by timeshare development. In this case, the subject zone is a rural-residential zone, not a commercial or lodge zone where timeshares are required to be located. This is a slippery slope, inasmuch as a precedent would be set to allow timeshares anywhere outside the commercial area.

2. The application does not meet the requirements of the Aspen Area Community Plan, which requires that lodges, such as this one, be built in the Aspen core area.

3. No zoning variance shall be granted where, as here, there is no public benefit, only benefits for the timeshare owners and their guests.

4. The proposed development will generate at least 10-15 percent increased traffic along Ute Avenue, based on traffic studies that predict increased traffic generation. The Club’s application does not predict future traffic impacts attributed to the units. In addition, it is fair to say that the timeshares will be operated as a hotel, with attendant service and maintenance traffic. In addition, there is no enforcement mechanism to guarantee compliance with the traffic-demand management plan.

5. The size and massing of the proposed development is incompatible with the rural/residential/single-family dominated uses along Ute Avenue and in the vicinity of the project, which will irrevocably alter the natural tranquility of the area.

For the foregoing reasons, I respectfully request denial of the application and variance.

Joseph L. Felson


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