Aspen City Council two-thirds home on land-use code revisions |

Aspen City Council two-thirds home on land-use code revisions

Staff report

Having passed three amendments to the land-use code Monday, the Aspen City Council on Tuesday decided to continue discussions on affordable-housing mitigation for commercial developments until a special meeting set for Jan. 30

Members of the council agreed in principle that generally speaking, commercial developments and redevelopments should be held to a 65 percent employee-housing mitigation standard, which would be phased in over a period of years. In other words, in the 65 percent scenario, the developer of a commercial property that would account for 10 full-time employees, under city formula, would have to create affordable housing for 61/2 workers.

Council members spent nearly two hours going over what is known as Ordinance 31 and entertained various scenarios before concluding that the 65 percent mitigation rate is a doable goal.

They also blessed Ordinance 32, which is geared toward managing parking in town. Councilman Bert Myrin has been the only one to cast dissenting votes on the four ordinances that have been approved.

The city is in the final stages of nearly 10 months of meetings and outreach in an effort to have the land-use code reflect the quality-of-life desires expressed by residents in the Aspen Area Community Plan.

A moratorium passed by the council in March put the brakes on the filing of land-use applications in commercial zone districts and some residential areas that allow commercial.

Six ordinances that alter the land-use code have been under consideration. The view planes ordinance goes to a public hearing before the council March 6.

The moratorium has been extended from Feb. 28 until March 17. The council agreed Tuesday for the extension, making the 17-day delay official to give the council extra time to work on the land-use code revisions.


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