Aspen City Council mulls moratorium extension

Staff report

Aspen City Council will hold a special meeting at 4 p.m. Tuesday,  Jan. 17, to extend a ban on commercial land-use applications by 17 days.

The moratorium, which was passed by City Council on March 15, 2016, is scheduled to expire Feb. 28.

City attorney Jim True, in a Jan. 12-dated memo to Mayor Steve Skadron and council members, is asking that the expiration date be extended to March 17.

True’s memo noted that amendments to the city’s land-use code take effect 30 days following their adoption, meaning the council would have to pass the code changes by Jan. 29, which falls on a Sunday.

The city could use the extra time so that the proposed ordinances would be adopted by Feb. 14 and take effect March 17, True’s memo noted.

“Although Community Development has worked diligently on these code amendments, it is believed that a brief extension of the moratorium may be necessary for one or more of the proposed code amendments,” True’s memo says.

The city is entertaining six ordinances as part of its land-use code overhaul that is intended to better match it with the Aspen Area Community Plan.

Tuesday’s meeting takes place at City Council Chambers in the basement of City Hall, located at 130 S. Galena St. A work session on topics unrelated to the motorium is also scheduled.