Aspen City Council meets Tuesday

Erica Robbie
The Aspen Times

Rezoning, transferable development rights, housing credits and policy resolutions are among some of the items on the Aspen City Council’s Tuesday agenda.

In a second reading of Ordinance 31, council will look at a proposal to convert 500 square feet of unused floor area in a Victorian home at 110 E. Bleeker St., according to a memo to the council from Historic Preservation Officer Amy Simon.

The project applicant is Bleek House LLC, represented by Kim Raymond Architects. The preservation committee granted the property owner final approval to demolish all non-historic construction on the site, restore the house and build a new addition, the memo said.

In another second reading, the city Capital Asset Department is requesting to rezone 540 E. Main St. to the public zone district, according to a memo to the City Council from Planner Technician Hillary Seminick.

The city’s Parking Department currently operates on the property, which measures approximately 27,000 square feet and is designated historic, the memo said.

The first reading of ordinances for rezoning 540 E. Main St. was Aug. 10. The Council raised concerns regarding loss of SCI zone district area, current zone-district compatibility with future development and dimensional requirements, the memo said.

In a first reading of Ordinance 36, city staff requested amending the city’s land-use code to update requirements and for timeshare development, according to a memo to the council from Long Range Planner Jessica Garrow.

All code amendments are subject to a three-step process. First is public outreach, followed by policy resolution by the City Council indicating if an amendment should be pursued.

The third and current step is public hearings on the ordinance outlining specific code amendments.