Aspen City Council candidates on why they’re qualified |

Aspen City Council candidates on why they’re qualified

Tom McCabe

The seven candidates for two open Aspen City Council seats are Adam Frisch, Mick Ireland, Bert Myrin, Marcia Goshorn, Andy Israel, Keith Goode and Tom McCabe. For the next week, The Aspen Times will be publishing their responses to six questions.

Today’s question: Why does your background lend itself to public office?

Adam Frisch

I truly believe our community’s best days are ahead of us. Aspen needs leaders who believe in this brighter future, not those who want to go back to the past. I am proud of my track record of implementing goals in a positive and respectful tone so that all members of the community are comfortable engaging in a productive dialogue. My ability to debate my fellow members on council in a respectful manner is what makes me a strong leader, especially in our small town. Lastly, I do my homework on every issue and come prepared to ask respectful questions and provide thoughtful solutions.

Keith Goode

I’ve been in the service industry here in Aspen for 14 years. In order to be successful, you must listen to the needs of others — which is what our government should be doing, as well. I’ve been serving on the Planning and Zoning (Commission) board, as well, which has helped me understand policy and code.

Marcia Goshorn

I have participated in community organizations and citizen committees for as many years as I have lived here. I also realize that the community having goals means nothing if they are not implemented by the elected government. The current system is not functional at this point, and the only way to change it is from within the system.

Mick Ireland

I believe my lifelong commitment to Aspen, my experience as an elected official and the extensive research I’ve undertaken on the city and county’s demographic and economic trends will go a long way in helping me represent the people who live here. Additionally, I have served my community well in leadership positions over three decades, both as a volunteer and an elected official at local, state and national levels. My work experience, including a range of jobs from entry-level service work to professional legal work, representing both pro bono and well-off clients, has also given me insight into how Aspen works on many levels.

Andy Israel

My background may not lend itself well to public office. I might be too action-oriented. I’m the only non-politician in the race. My background is in business and finance. I have an MBA from Wharton. I was a CPA. I have 25-plus years of practical business experience in finance and real estate with legitimate companies such as Morgan Stanley and the Taubman Co. I’m a decision maker, a problem solver and a numbers guy. Does that lend itself to politics?

Bert Myrin

There is a disconnect between City Hall and the community. Over the last 15 years, I’ve joined with other citizens to require City Hall to protect our community values on issues of open space, small-town character and fiscal responsibility. Recently:

1. I was one of two initiators to petition to put Ordinance 19, which allowed for 60-foot buildings and reduced affordable housing, to a public vote.

2. I was one of five initiators of the “Keep Aspen, Aspen” Referendum 1 on the May ballot.

I’ll continue to be your voice for Aspen, the community.

Tom McCabe

I have a degree in business and public administration and owned and operated Aspen Repair for 33 years. I have worked for the city (housing director) and served on City Council for four years (1999 to 2003). I raised my daughter in the valley, and she is an attorney in Colorado Springs. I was the exalted ruler for Aspen Lodge No. 224. I am a master hunter safety instructor for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. I have been on various boards of directors and served in many leadership positions locally and at the state. I was the youngest founding member of the Pitkin County Council on Aging, taught 4-H and was a past president of Mountain Rescue (Aspen). I am a diver, climber, kayaker and skier, just like everybody else. So, risk and management are a good fit.

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