Aspen Chapel Gallery and Animal Shelter to host ‘Unleashed’ exhibition |

Aspen Chapel Gallery and Animal Shelter to host ‘Unleashed’ exhibition

Staff report

The Aspen Chapel Gallery in partnership with the Aspen Animal Shelter will open “Unleashed,” a ceramic and mixed-media exhibition, on Wednesday June 2.

The in-person opening will run from 4-7 p.m. with the number of people and animals in the gallery limited.

Participating artists are Michael Bonds, Scott Brockmeier, Emily Chaplin, Suzanne Clarke, Lori Dresner, Lisa Ellena, Tammie Lane, Summers Moore, Chamberlin Peacock, and Cari Shurman. The show was curated by Molly Peacock.

Ten percent of sales will go to Friends of the Aspen Animal Shelter and its efforts to combat dog and cat overpopulation by providing a free spay/neuter program called “Spaying it Forward.” Also viewable online at


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