Aspen cares about bears, too |

Aspen cares about bears, too

Dear Editor:I was very saddened to hear about the bear having to be put down (“DOW kills bear that broke into house,” Aug. 2). I was insulted by Kevin Wright’s inane comment about the citizens of Aspen. You overstepped your professional bounds laying blame for this tragedy on an entire population. If you hate Aspen, so be it. There are legions of you. Personally, I like all the towns in our valley.I understand that this is an inexact analogy but, I certainly don’t blame the citizens of Glenwood Springs for the recent violence there, or the good people of Basalt for the 7-11 incident.You are not the only person who cares deeply about our wildlife. Where I live (employee housing) we paid to have a complete enclosure built around our Dumpster. You have to unlatch doors. My grill is clean as is my conscience. Your derogatory jab only serves to inflame the unnecessary antagonism between our communities. Steven WilliamsAspen