Aspen burglars remain at large |

Aspen burglars remain at large

Police say there have been no more burglaries in Aspen since late last week, when five homes, two businesses and two cars were broken into and cash and credit cards were taken.

Investigators are still following leads, said Aspen Deputy Police Chief Glenn Schaffer yesterday. A burglar forcibly entered the Fasching House in Aspen around midnight last Wednesday, attempting unsuccessfully to get into a safe.

The burglar then broke into the Frias Property Management office on Durant Street, taking keys to some residences managed by the company. Using the keys, the burglar is suspected to have entered three condominiums on the east end of Durant Street.

Two cars in the area were broken into, and two unlocked homes in Aspen’s West End were entered. In some cases, police said burglars entered rooms where people were sleeping to steal wallets and purses.

Police have not said how much cash was taken during the crime spree.

Anyone with information about the string of burglaries is encouraged to call the Aspen police at 920-5400.