Aspen becoming a state of mind |

Aspen becoming a state of mind

Dear Editor:After reading “Normalcy is just one more Aspen extreme” by Steve Lipsher (Denver Post, Sept. 4), Lipsher should have realized after not finding Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell and Kevin Costner milling about with the local Aspenites at the annual Aspen Community Picnic, that Aspen has become with every passing day and year a state of mind like Hollywood that invented Hawn, Russell and Costner. Costner lives in the wealthy Los Angeles suburb of La Canada-Flintridge, the home of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. So many years ago Hollywood stopped being referred to as one physical place doing feature film and television production. Hollywood became recognized as a state of mind for the film and television industry spread over a wide geographical area beyond geographic Hollywood.Aspen has evolved ” la Hollywood” in the 21st century. Soon more Aspenites will recognize this and agree with me wholeheartedly. Aspen is in many places now, as I am.Emzy Veazy III, Esq.Burbank, Calif.

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