Aspen bashing not so funny

Dear Editor:What happened to the small mountain town that was left unaffected by the influx of events such as the HBO U.S. Comedy Arts Festival? I love a good joke as much as the next person, but what leaves me lacking in laughter is the attitude of the patrons of this year’s Comedy Festival. I thought the point of holding an event such as this in a place like Aspen was to offer the opportunity to enjoy a laid-back mountain town such as ours for its uncorrupted attitude. Well, I guess dreams of grandeur are dead as the patrons of the 2007 Comedy Festival didn’t hide any or their true colors this year. Insults, abuse and general rudeness seemed to have been the theme this weekend.As a busy working local with a child, I don’t get out on the town as much as I used to, but boy, what a relief in hindsight. I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to have a night off and go out with friends only to be insulted by shallow-minded tourists who don’t believe we Aspenites live up to their Botox-injected, anorexic, superficial standards. Sure, I am taking a stab back, but how dare these people come here and judge us for our size, shape, color or anything else for that matter! In one night I experienced rudeness, snobbery and discrimination. Thanks, I had a great time!We need to remind these people we are here because it is lifestyle fairness, and an enthusiasm for nature that we want. Why do we continue to let “Aspen” be a product for sale for namesake only? Some how, some way, we need to let it be known this is a town that is NOT for sale, and if you come here you are a guest. Please leave your sense of entitlement at home.We deserve better.Colleen Anderson Aspen