Aspen Base2 petitioners claim to have double the required signatures |

Aspen Base2 petitioners claim to have double the required signatures

Staff report

Ward Hauenstein and Marcia Goshorn, initiators of the Base2 petition, announced Monday that they plan to submit Base2 petition packets to the City Clerk’s Office on Wednesday at 3:30 p.m.

“We are grateful for the efforts of the many people who volunteered their time to collect petition signatures,” Hauenstein said in a prepared statement. “These people care deeply about the future of Aspen and dedicated their time to overturn City Council’s approval of the Base2 lodge.”

If at least 617 valid signatures, or 10 percent of registered Aspen voters, are verified, the City Council may either rescind its approval or send the issue to the voters. According to Hauenstein, the Base2 petition effort has generated more than 1,200 signatures on petitions being submitted.

Base2 was approved by the City Council on June 1, with exceptions for the developer of more than 2½ times the floor area allowed by zoning. The council’s approval provides for no on-site parking spaces and zero setbacks. Base2 was approved by the council following the May 5 municipal election when voters passed an amendment to the city’s Home Rule Charter that prevents the council from granting variances without a public vote. The city attorney said that Referendum 1 did not apply to the approval of Base2 because the project was already in the approval pipeline at the time of the vote.