Aspen backcountry ski camps offer ‘points of entry’ for beginners |

Aspen backcountry ski camps offer ‘points of entry’ for beginners

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Aspen Expeditions Worldwide and Dynafit North America announced a series of backcountry camps this winter and spring designed for adventurous skiers and snowboarders looking to gain skills, experience and confidence in the backcountry.

Four separate weekend-long camps are planned — one per month, January through April — creating multiple points of entry for skiers and snowboarders to further their own progression as backcountry travelers.

“Backcountry skiing and riding may feel intimidating when you’re starting out,” said Dick Jackson, owner and founder of Aspen Expeditions Worldwide. “With the new backcountry camps, we’re creating a comfortable and safe environment where skiers and riders of varying levels of ability and ambition can plug themselves into the wheel of progression.”

Since 1976, Aspen Expeditions’ guides have been mentoring skiers and snowboarders in safely exploring terrain beyond the boundaries of resorts. Over the years, Jackson said he is proud to have mentored several backcountry novices who have gone on to become certified mountain guides and professional skiers who spend much of their time patrolling the backcountry.

“We all started some place,” Jackson said, “and we think the new backcountry camps make for attractive starting points or restarting points.”

The first camp of the season, slated for Jan. 17 to 18, is designed for skiers and snowboarders who may have solid resort-skiing backgrounds but little experience in the backcountry. The second camp, set for Feb. 14 to 15, focuses on ski touring, and the last two camps, March 14 to 15 and April 11 to 12, focus more on ski-mountaineering skills, bigger terrain and objectives.

• Jan. 17 to 18, Intro to Backcountry Skiing Camp

• Feb. 14 to 15, Backcountry Ski Touring Camp

• March 14 to 15, Big Mountain Freeride Skills Ski Camp

• April 11 to 12, Ski Mountaineering Skills Ski Camp

Each camp runs all-day Saturday and Sunday and will be led by Aspen Expeditions certified ski guides as well as professional athletes and ambassadors associated with Dynafit. For more information, visit http://aspen


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