Aspen attorneys land state bar posts

Staff report

Garfield & Hecht P.C. attorney Eric Musselman has been named a vice president of the Colorado Bar Association for 2015-16. Musselman represents the Seventh District (encompassing the Continental Divide, 9th Judicial District, Northwestern Colorado, and Pitkin County Bar Associations). As a Colorado Bar Association vice president, Musselman serves on its Executive Council, where he works closely with leadership on a variety of issues affecting the statewide bar and legal profession.

Garfield & Hecht P.C. attorney Chris Bryan continues to represent the Pitkin County Bar Association on the board of governors of the Colorado Bar Association. Bryan also has been tapped to serve on the Colorado Bar Association’s Strategic Planning Committee, which formulates and executes short- and long-term goals for the association.

Bryan has been named to the Colorado Bar Association Budget Committee for 2015-16.