Aspen Aspen: Shitkickers Ball |

Aspen Aspen: Shitkickers Ball

Mary Eshbaugh Hayes
Aspen Times Weekly

MEHKyle Boyd has been a host for years at the Shitkickers Ball and he is with Sharon Apple.

Halfway through the fall off-season, everyone is sooooo ready to party and to dance…and just in time came the 34th Annual Shitkickers Ball with dinner and dancing at the Hotel Jerome. As usual, everyone came in western outfits, the band played western dance music and everyone had such a good time! Hosts included Kyle Boyd, Karen Carner, Kelley Carson, Sandra and Jim Dukas, Mimi Glas, Nell Graham, Helen Klanderud, Renell Ridley Maiersperger, Ted Munkres and Barb Hinze, Bernard Phillips, Joan and Kent Shodeen, Dick Stahura, Lorraine Turner, Rosie Wettstein and Tom Blank, and Lynn Woodward.

Undercurrent … Those who have enough money search out a beach during this slow time of year. Those who are too broke to travel enjoy the local beach – The Glenwood Hot Springs Pool.

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