Aspen architecture is tough to digest |

Aspen architecture is tough to digest

Dear Editor:

Architects, what are you thinking when you submit designs for Aspen’s historic core that feature masses of glass and steel? Clearly you’re not thinking.

Why are you not sensitive to the collective desire of Aspenites to preserve the charm of historic design? Why do you persist in designing contemporary and modern buildings, which belong in communities where they are welcome – which they are not in Aspen? Your insistence on submitting these extreme designs is bad for our collective blood pressure!

Please draw upon your creativity to design buildings that are compatible with our historic core – and stop creating an adversarial environment where we need to fight the contemporary battle over and over again.

Have you not noticed that Aspen wishes to preserve its historic charm? Please cease and desist your efforts to make Aspen modern like other places – when we wish to celebrate our unique historical charm.

Susan O’Neal


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