Aspen a conservative bastion |

Aspen a conservative bastion

Dear Editor:Andrew Kole, my man, do listen and wake up!Mr. Kole in a recent news story, “Aspen’s running man slows down” (Aspen Daily News, Nov. 6), complained about Aspen’s baptismal for local acceptance and made an insightful remark about Aspen’s conservatism.Mr. Kole, I am sure you can admit and accept you are an Aspen local with people like Roger Marolt, Hon. Shellie Roy and Leonard “Boogie” Weinglass supporting your political agenda. You are a local even if you may not be loco (crazy).Mr. Kole, I agree with you, “Aspen is [not] as liberal as it thinks it is.” Your observation of Aspen today is true of Aspen past. It is “way more conservative than” the heart of Dixie or Biloxi, Miss.Mr. Kole, sit back and enjoy yourself in the “Twilight Zone of Contrary Behavior and Distorted Views.” Keep your wits about yourself, too. You have your Aspen friends, don’t you agree?Emzy Veazy III, Esq.Aspen and Beverly Hills, Calif.

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