Aspen 8-year-old debuts on ‘Good Morning America’ |

Aspen 8-year-old debuts on ‘Good Morning America’

Charles Agar
Aspen, CO Colorado
Snowboarder Shaun White poses with Bridger Gile, 8, of Aspen, who makes his TV debut as an X Games correspondent for "Good Morning America." (Contributed photo)

ASPEN ” Eight-year-old Bridger Gile of Aspen captured national attention Sunday as an ABC correspondent for X Games.

“Good Morning America” producer Desiree Adib was looking for a new way to cover the X Games when she caught footage of Gile tearing up the slopes in a recent Warren Miller film.

The Aspen youth ” famous for skiing the treacherous Highlands Bowl at age 4 and starring in a handful of ski films ” picked up a microphone about as big as his head to get the straight story from X Games stars, including Gretchen Bleiler, Simon Dumont and Peter Olenick, Adib said.

The show airs at 6 a.m. Sunday.

Because action sports attract such a young audience, Adib wanted to find someone in tune with the events ” someone who could ask questions about things kids want to know ” and Gile fit the bill, she said.

“It was fun,” Gile said by phone Saturday evening. He polled the action sports icons about what they were doing at his age, and threw in a few fun questions just to see what would come up.

“He and Gretchen [Bleiler] were just yucking it up,” said Bridger’s mother, Lisa Gonzales Gile.

The segment uses Warren Miller footage of Gile skiing as an introduction, but Gile did his own “standup,” a term for a memorized on-scene introduction, as well as a confident, “Goodbye from Aspen, Colorado!”

Adib said even professional broadcasters struggle with their lines, but Gile performed on camera like a pro.

“I thought it was going to be a lot more challenging because he’s an 8-year-old,” Adib said. “I was surprised at how great he was.”

Asked if he wants to be a TV personality, Gile said, “Not really.”

His dream: To be a pro skier or hockey player.

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