Asleep at the switch? |

Asleep at the switch?

Driving by the new Aspen Golf Club clubhouse, I was baffled by the fact that the city is building public clay tennis courts.

The maintenance expense is ridiculous, especially given our super-dry climate. And what about water restrictions? Who in their right mind would build clay courts for the public? They are going to get beat up, torn up, and for whom?

What is wrong with laycold rubberized asphalt courts? They would last almost forever, are maintenance-free, and are excellent for this climate. I have played tournament tennis on asphalt courts since I was in high school. I’m baffled. Is someone asleep at the switch?

The new golf clubhouse looks great, and from my golfing friends the consensus is “well-done,” except for no lockers.

Then, we have the juxtaposition of the new housing adjacent to the clubhouse. It looks like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. For all the “reviews” and “controls” that this community has, I would say that, again, someone’s asleep at the switch.

This looks so out of place, at the entry to Aspen, with no landscaping (or it will take decades for landscaping to hide it), and especially in stark contrast to the golf clubhouse, that tearing it down seems an appropriate option.

I’m sure the architect meant well, but he/she didn’t think about location, location, location. Building such horrific structures will not get the housing department any points. A private developer would never be allowed (nor would they want the credit) to build such an eyesore.

Where is the oversight?

Craig Ward


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