Ask tough questions about Base Village traffic |

Ask tough questions about Base Village traffic

Dear Editor:

Intrawest’s transportation consultant presented his report to the Snowmass Town Council earlier this month on the traffic and parking impacts of Base Village.

While the report was extensive, the details were scarce. In fact, the lack of critical analysis of these vital issues and the broad assumptions upon which the traffic numbers were generated is actually quite disturbing.

Let’s just consider the “trip generation” discussion. The consultant estimates that each employee unit would generate only 1.25 trips per day! (A trip is defined as just one way.) But what if this prediction were actually a rule? Let’s take a harder look at what that would mean:

If you’re an employee living in the new Base Village and you drove some place on Monday, you couldn’t return until Tuesday. Or you could go to work Monday through Thursday, but not Friday. If you had someone over for a beer after work, they couldn’t go home until the next day, and so on. Pretty ludicrous, isn’t it?

Even if you can walk to your job with Intrawest, you may need to drive to your other job. Here’s a realistic scenario of employee trips – and what the Intrawest consultant obviously hasn’t considered:

– You drive to work. That’s one trip.

– You come home after work. That’s one trip.

– Your buddy stops by for a beer. That’s one trip.

– He goes home. That’s one trip.

– Your girlfriend comes over for dinner. That’s one trip.

– Your girlfriend goes home after dinner. That’s one trip.

Let’s see. I think that equals six trips in one day, not 1.25!

If Intrawest’s trip generation estimates for employee units are this far off, how can we rely on any of the predictions for the other uses in Base Village? We implore the Town Council to ask the tough questions about traffic. Be realistic. Look at our town’s residents and their lifestyles. And think about what makes sense.

John Francis

Snowmass Village

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