Ashamed to have lived in Colorado |

Ashamed to have lived in Colorado

Dear Editor:

I just watched the piece on NBC News about the Silver Lining Ranch camp for terminally ill children and the real estate deal to save the ranch, and about the effort that has been put forth by several neighbors to stop the deal.

Are these neighbors afraid that the Jewish people might somehow contaminate the pristine atmosphere of the area? I served 20 years in the U.S. Navy not only to protect the right of these neighbors to live in freedom and make choices, but for the rights of those terminally ill children also. How do these neighbors propose that the Silver Lining Ranch continue to provide a respite for these children? Will they chip in and support the ranch? I think not.

For once, the rich Aspen neighbors should stop acting the snob, stop being so self-centered and think of someone else besides themselves. My wife and I lived in Colorado for most of our adult lives and have now retired to Pennsylvania, partly for medical reasons and partly to be with our son who lives here. But this makes us ashamed to admit that we have ever lived in Colorado.

Francis McNeill Jr.

Butler, Pa.

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