Artist Spencer Hansen back at Skye Gallery |

Artist Spencer Hansen back at Skye Gallery

Multidisciplinary artist Spencer Hansen is returning to Aspen’s Skye Gallery this weekend to present “Anima,” his fourth solo show at the downtown gallery.

The new body of work features sculpture and photography by the Bali-based artist and is on view from Jan. 29-April 15.

Working primarily with a natural palette, metal, leather, wood, ceramic, bone and hair, Hansen‘s new work features wearable sculpture, light sculpture, masks and photography. His wearable sculptures, he has said, are meant to open doors to different realities, and the photographs act as a creation story, offering an interpretation of where and how his sculptures exist beyond the gallery walls.

Hansen has mounted regular shows at Skye sharing various iterations of his creatures made from forms such as bendable wire, foam and beads and recycled boat wood.

The shows have become a signature for the independent local gallery and a playful alternative to stuffier contemporary art shows. He encourages patrons to touch and literally titled one exhibition “Please Play” featuring touchable creatures.

“I don’t want a static environment,” Hansen said at that opening in 2019. “I’ve been making creatures as long as I can remember. I think of them all as sort of cousins from a different planet.”

The gallery also partnered with Hansen for its debut at Art Basel Miami in 2019, where the gallery presented a creature-based exhibition at Aqua Art Miami.

Best known in Aspen as a fine artist, Hansen is more renowned elsewhere as a toymaker. He is co-founder of Blamo, which makes popular toys, clothing and apparel, object art and what Hansen calls “adventurewear” (onesies, play clothes, sporting gear). The gallery transformed into a Blamo boutique during the 2020 holiday shopping season.

The Skye Gallery will host an opening reception for “Anima” on Saturday from 7–9 p.m.