Article missed crux of complaint |

Article missed crux of complaint

Dear Editor:

I’d like to tell readers of The Aspen Times about few things that were missed in article wrote by Ms. Urquhart regarding housing crunch in Aspen (Nov. 28).

I’m the guy who stopped by The Aspen Times office and talked to one of your journalists about housing problem in Aspen. I think I’ve made myself pretty clear that the biggest issue for me was that the housing office published official policy regarding terms and conditions of renting Marolt Ranch and they had hard times following their own policy. I mean that there was a statement on the Marolt Ranch section of the website that said, “No reservations accepted on Marolt Ranch units,” which housing office removed from their site shortly after I talked to Mr. McCabe (executive director of housing office). I think that your journalist couldn’t find this statement on the housing office website because they’ve already cleaned it up and that’s why she agreed with Mr. McCabe on my poor knowledge of English.

Dear Mr. McCabe, I believe that not telling the whole truth equals to lie. You didn’t tell the whole truth about that situation to readers of The Aspen Times. In personal talk with me you admitted that all units in Marolt Ranch were reserved by employers and that’s contradicted by your website, which said “No reservations accepted.”

Published terms and conditions constitute your official policy which must be followed, therefore housing office violated ethic standards, their own policy and maybe Equal Housing Opportunity Law. I feel wronged and offended by housing office (especially after being accused of inability to understand English) and I request an apology (at least) printed in The Aspen Times.

Housing office workers, including manager of Marolt Ranch, couldn’t explain to me why two-thirds of Marolt Ranch units were empty while people were going crazy trying to find affordable housing. I had a strong feeling that they manipulate information (or let’s say lie) about available units. For example, manager of Marolt Ranch told me that he received November rent for all units and all units are not reserved but actually rented. Would you believe that employer pays November rent for empty unit expecting employees coming here in December? It’s out of economic sense. That’s why I wasn’t surprise when Mr. McCabe told me that they just hold units on deposit. Now, how would you feel being jerking around?

Housing office abused not only my rights, but rights of many students that come to Aspen from all over the world and can’t find housing, because housing office makes pretty good business in advanced reservations and doesn’t even bother to declare what they do and admit mistakes they’ve done. Even if housing office changed rules on some secret session, not declaring it makes it a naught. I wonder if this matter worth a lawsuit? Maybe it is.

Konstantin Krylov


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