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Art for animals

Dear Editor:You know, I still can’t understand how the Aspen Art Museum (AAM) got an open invitation to build their new “wooden brick” screen box over a glass box to replace where the Weinerstube is now. All of this happened to settle some city litigation case.The P&Z declined to do their usual review for a new development, and four out of five City Council members seem content to push through a building that appears to be very unpopular with a large group of Aspen citizens and still has some inquiring minds questioning the process. But after studying the AAM’s architectural design a little longer, I’m beginning to think the town of Aspen is going to get two free amenities instead of just the one that is advertised, especially in the spring, summer and fall.I can already picture in my mind the spring cotton flying around from all of our many cottonwood trees and settling artistically into the corners of the open screen “trellis,” making it even easier for the birds to roost and nest in its corners. Just think of the up-close, nurturing views of eggs, hatchlings, baby beaks begging, bird droppings, etc., that might be on display for us looking out from the glass box and from the sidewalk.Then the fun continues in the summer, when the raccoons, squirrels and skunks could show how thankful they are for this wildlife jungle gym provided for their play. Think how much fun our children could have chasing them up, down and sideways too.Come fall, if it was a poor year for berries and nuts, this spot might bring the most excitement yet. The hungry bears who come into town looking for food before they hibernate could climb up to the “roof deck sculpture garden” following a whiff from the top-floor cafe or caterer to join the parties. Of course, if they learn to pose very still, the guests may just think they’re a very realistic-looking part of the exhibits.It took me awhile, but once I realized that Aspen was not only getting a new art museum, but possibly a wildlife-viewing station right downtown too, I figured maybe it did fit into the town’s character and I’d stop wondering how it all happened so quickly.Ricki NewmanAspen

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