Around Aspen: Tamale Society

Mary Eshbaugh Hayes
Aspen Times Weekly
Jess BatesLeft to right at the picnic on the snow are Jag Pagnucco, Tracy McMullan and Betty Gates.

It’s the time of year for spring skiing and picnics in the snow!

On March 5 the Aspen Tamale Society held its 15th annual Fiesta at West Buttermilk and there was a huge and happy crowd. I couldn’t attend so my daughter, Jess Bates, photographed one of the first picnics for me. Hosts included Kyle Boyd, Cal Gray, Bill Heim, Walt Hopkins, Mark Lee, Bruce Lynton, Brent Miller, Larry Niles, Bill Swearingen, Bill Wesson and Bill Wilkerson.

Did you know that longtime Aspenite Pat Fallin has moved to California?

Pick up a copy of the March 14, 2011 issue of Newsweek magazine. The magazine has undergone a giant overhaul with new owner and publisher Sidney Harman. Sidney is a fellow of the Aspen Institute and he and his wife, Congresswoman Jane Harman have a second home on Red Mountain in Aspen. The new editor in chief, Tina Brown, on the editor’s page notes how the magazine has changed and will continue to change. She writes that, though many people don’t think a news magazine is necessary in today’s media-blitzed world, she says that most media outlets just cover the surface while the news magazine gives you background and in-depth reporting.

Undercurrent … On the street I hear all kinds of languages but not much English.


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