Around Aspen: Picnic at ACES |

Around Aspen: Picnic at ACES

Mary Eshbaugh Hayes
Aspen Times Weekly

The Aspen Center for Environmental Studies held its annual summer membership picnic on the campus at Hallam Lake in late June. There were a few sprinkles of rain but that didn’t dampen the festivities. On hand as usual was the Golden Eagle who has made his home for 25 years at ACES.

More news of college students… Dustin Hite, of Woody Creek received a bachelor of science in economics with finance applications during commencement at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

Lilla Safford Smith of Carbondale graduated from Union College in Schnectady, NY with a bachelor of science degree, majoring in mechanical engineering.

Undercurrent…Aspen’s old-fashioned yellow roses are absolutely lush and gorgeous this year…with so much moisture in the soil!

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