Around Aspen: Physicists and dancers |

Around Aspen: Physicists and dancers

Mary Eshbaugh Hayes
Aspen Times Weekly

Two of the outstanding events of the summer are the convening of physicists from around the country at the Aspen Center for Physics and the dance performances by Aspen Santa Fe Ballet.

Murray Gell-Mann, a physicist with the Aspen Center and also with the Santa Fe Institute, held a garden party in mid-July for many of the physicists and his Aspen neighbors. Co-hosting the party were Ann and Bill Nitze and Gina and Jerry Murdock, who recently purchased Murray’s Aspen Victorian home (he lives most of the year now in Santa Fe). The party was in honor of the Santa Fe Institute’s more than 25 years of trans-disciplinary science.

Also in mid-July Betty and Bob Gates gave a dinner party honoring the dancers who perform with Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. The party was held in the Gates’ new home on Brush Creek Road.

Ashley Esther Blumberg of Snowmass Village was named to the Dean’s List at Washington University in St. Louis. Also, Justin Marshall of Carbondale was named to the Dean’s List at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Remember Tina Collen and her “Pornage” when she lived in Aspen during the 1970s? Tina was hiking on the Lost Man Trail one day when she noticed how the wild flowers were constructed. She then cut up magazines and did erotic collages that she called “Pornage” and some were called Goldenrod Erecta and Rosy Pussytoes and were exhibited not only in Aspen but in European galleries. Tina now lives in Boulder and will be in Aspen on Tuesday, Aug. 3, at 5 p.m. at Explore BookSellers to give a multimedia presentation for her new memoir, “Storm of the i; An Artobiography.” The book is currently on the Boulder Bookstore bestseller list for the second time and has won an assortment of prizes. The memoir is overflowing with art, memorabilia, foldouts, diecuts, a popup and even a mildly scandalous lift-up flap.

Undercurrent … The slamming of the screen door is a familiar sound of summer.

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