Around Aspen: More May Madness |

Around Aspen: More May Madness

Mary Eshbaugh Hayes
Aspen Times Weekly

Here are some more May Madness photos. The party was a great success with around $300,000 being raised to benefit the Aspen public schools. The monies will be spent on programs not covered by the school budget – and since the school has to make many cuts this year because of the lack of state funding and the recession, the money is much appreciated.

May Madness is put on every spring by the Aspen Education Foundation, which was organized several years ago by concerned parents who wanted to be able to fund programs not provided by the school.

I’m not going to write much this week because I want the photos to have plenty of room.

Undercurrent…The trees and rose bushes look like someone hand-painted them with just a touch of green.


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On Monday night, the City Council listened to ideas for each old building. However, nothing laid out what the community space would actually entail — only aspirations and gathered community comment.

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