Around Aspen: More Hall of Fame

Mary Eshbaugh Hayes
Aspen Times Weekly

Locals hold sway at the Aspen Hall of Fame and they have a wonderful time catching up on all the news of Aspenites.

The 2011 Hall welcomed as new inductees Marsha and Jack Brendlinger and the late Bob Lewis. The Brendlingers had the audience laughing all through their acceptance speech, and Paul Andersen, who had worked with Bob Lewis on several publications, gave a moving tribute to Bob.

The Aspen Center for Environmental Studies recently received a generous grant from the Aspen Field Biology Laboratory in honor of Bob. The grant will fund construction of the Bob Lewis Cabin at the Catto Center at Toklat. The cabin will provide lodging for visiting scientists, professors, seminar leaders and notable speakers for the ACES programs at The Catto Center.

Just received my winter copy of “Edible Hawaiian Islands” magazine (I just subscribed) and was pleased to read a wonderful article about three-time world champion surfer Andy Irons, who died in November in Texas while he was en route to his home in Kauai from Puerto Rico after falling ill with dengue fever. Andy was the son of Aspen native Danielle Tache Irons and the grandson of Aspenites Marie and Yvan Tache.

“Edible Hawaiian Islands” has many sister publications: “Edible Santa Fe,” “Edible Finger Lakes” and, of course, “Edible Aspen” … my favorite places in the country. The photography of those special places is like traveling there. So if you are hankering for a visit to Manhattan, Seattle, Vancouver, San Francisco or wherever, you can find a magazine by going to

Undercurrent … in spite of new flurries of snow, the winter buildup of deep snow in the yard shrinks back from the house a little more each day. And I have two clumps of tulips up by the door on the sunny east side of the house.