Around Aspen: Hydes’ 40th |

Around Aspen: Hydes’ 40th

Mary Eshbaugh Hayes
Aspen Time Weekly

Celebrating their 40th year in Aspen with a party at the end of summer 2010 were Mary Ann Hyde and two of her children, Carolyne and Art Hyde. Another daughter, Ann Hyde, and her daughter, Olivia, didn’t make the party from the East Coast as their airline flight was canceled. Mary Ann has sold her house on South Original Street and has moved to Tennessee. She says she will come back in the summer for the Aspen Music Festival concerts.

Received a note from longtime Aspen artist Brad Miller (a former director of the Anderson Ranch Arts Center). Brad has an exhibit of his new ceramic creations titled “Primordial Algorithms” showing from April through June at the Edward Cella gallery on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. As part of the exhibit, Brad is in a special exhibition program in conversation with Jo Lauria, an art and design historian. They will talk about the new freedoms of contemporary art that empower artists to cross categorical boundaries in materials and techniques, melding fine art, craft and design.

A voice out of the past, John Maurin called me the other day from Glenwood Springs, where he is now living. John was born and grew up in Aspen’s East End and he drove trucks for us, along with Keith Marolt in the 1950s when Jim Hayes and I had our trucking and excavating business. John and Keith both later went to engineering college, John in electronics and Keith in civil engineering. After working many years in national electronics laboratories, John has returned to the Roaring Fork Valley and has an office near the Sunlight Bridge in Glenwood.

Undercurrent … I am missing many longtime Aspenites.